Trinny Woodall, Television presenter,  Best selling Author, designer and fashion stylist

“Five years ago I met Vivienne Talsmat. She has changed my life. I can’t put my finger on one thing that has changed me, it’s about a combination of dealing with how I think, how I use my body and what I put in it. All I know is that whenever I am on a hectic filming schedule I will not leave home without her green powder.”

- Trinny Woodall, Television presenter, Best selling Author, designer and fashion stylist

“Vivienne is rare. She is a brilliant diagnostician and her subsequent treatment solved my digestive issues when consultants on both sides of the Atlantic had failed. With insight and clarity she gets you back on track and her Rejuva|Detox food product keeps you there.”

- Trevor Eve, Actor
Trevor Eve, Actor
Alice Eve, Actress

“Rejuva|Detox is my favourite product in the whole world.”

- Alice Eve, Actress

“Vivienne is Magic – I have never experienced a better facial!

Not only does she have healing hands, but also talking to her is very soothing. Releasing physical tension from the jaw and the whole face, coupled with the emotional and mental release, is an exceptional experience. Vivienne guides you in discovering the issues that are trapped in the facial muscles. I adore her. I find myself excited for every treatment, and I cannot wait till I next see her!”

- Maya Fiennes, Yoga and Mindfulness Expert
Maya Fiennes, Yoga and Mindfulness Expert
Brent Pankhurst, Award winning barber and grooming brand

“I came to Viv and the experience has been life changing…. I was very overweight and lacking in confidence, looked and felt awful and my business was stagnating. Within two months everything changed. My energy levels went through the roof, I lost so much weight my clients didn’t recognise me! My concentration became so focused I took my business to a level I’d only dreamed of. Most important of all, I’m now happy from the inside. Special thanks, Vivienne!”

- Brent Pankhurst, Award winning barber and grooming brand

“Yes, I have a guru. Vivienne is an extraordinary and very talented woman who specialises in health and detox, and her understanding of how we care for ourselves is most impressive. Her ministrations and particular style have without doubt re-geared me, and I believe her approach is something we could all benefit from.”

- Tara Bernerd, Creative direction and Interior design
Tara Bernerd, Creative direction and Interior design
Jimi Manuwa, UFC/MMA Champion

“WarriorNRG is a new all natural protein and carb supplement. There is nothing like it on the market and is the best I’ve ever taken.”Jimi

- Jimi Manuwa, UFC/MMA Champion

“In my hectic life I sometimes feel like I live on an airplane. Whenever I’m in town I have a Rejuva|Burn treatment. Escape – Sanctuary – Bliss and I’m back in balance.”

- Serena Bute, Fashion Designer
Serena Bute, Fashion Designer
Jenny Halpen-Prince, Founder and CEO of Halpern PR and Access Charity

“Vivienne’s detox is a life changing experience. It’s delicious and easy to follow and I have continued to make the recipes a part of our family’s meals. Once you get into Vivienne’s regime you want to buy into everything she offers. The facials are heavenly and you look and feel rested and younger. Perfection!”

- Jenny Halpen-Prince, Founder and CEO of Halpern PR and Access Charity

“Viv is my first port of call for all my health and beauty concerns. She is a powerhouse of positive energy and limitless font of knowledge. Her treatments have honed my body, sculpted my face and soothed my mind. She is quite simply the best.”

- Natalie Livingstone, Journalist and author
Natalie Livingstone, Journalist and author
Jane Henderson, Global President . Mintel- beauty and personal care of over 3000 brands

Rejuva|Face – “A totally unique and personalised service which Vivienne has deliberately designed to sit comfortably 300 percent above the competition! Rebalance and repurposed one leaves a new person.”

- Jane Henderson, Global President . Mintel- beauty and personal care of over 3000 brands

“Vivienne Talsmat is one in a million, she is an amazing talent and the best in her field. During the time I have had the privilege of working with her I have seen conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Acne and Obesity dramatically improve in half the time it took before Rejuva|Body.”

- Shadi Danin, Dermo-cosmetologistt and Trichologist
Shadi Danin, Dermo-cosmetologistt and Trichologist
Anton Simmha, Yoga Guru and Author

“Apart from Yoga, Rejuva|Detox is the most powerful holistic healing experience I have ever had. Vivienne is an extraordinary woman of vision with a ground-breaking approach to health and well-being.”

- Anton Simmha, Yoga Guru and Author

“Vivienne is vitality personified, what she knows, and what she creates is always of the highest integrity, she practices what she preaches and the results she gets for her clients are outstanding. I have known Vivienne for a long time, and as a fitness health expert myself, I would say her products and programs are worth every penny. By taking care of your body, your body will take care of you.”

- Lazo Freeman, CEO of Influential Gentleman, CEO of Body Transformation Academy
Lazo Freeman, CEO of Influential Gentleman, CEO of Body Transformation Academy
Bodil Blain

Face and heart ❤️ spoilage!! My @vivienne.talsmat takes care of both. The best facial and healing treatment I have ever had .. introduced by my no need of makeup genius Edy London! Aging is hard work!

- Bodil Blain

“Rejuva|Detox has the X Factor.”

- Jenny Brennan, Together
Jenny Brennan, Together

I have experimented with the Rejuva Sport and I have had some great results!

It’s a perfect pre- and post-training drink bringing energy (especially as when swimming I can’t have anything solid). Additionally, by having a teaspoon of Rejuva Sport in the evening, with hot water and lemon it’s prevented cravings and helped me avoid carbs. (Which don’t seem to agree with me especially in the evenings)

It has made me feel less bloated in the mornings, to the point that my waist is now 6cm less than 4 weeks ago!

In small quantities and with some lemon it’s just perfect sweetness for me to train well, recover quickly after, and to take away that “I-need-quick-carbs” feeling.

Top product!!

- A P, Stuntwoman

“Being a fighter my nutrition has to be just as solid as my training regime. I was looking for an alternative to my whey protein recovery shake which I found left me bloated. With the advice from Vivienne Talsmat I found Warrior NRG. Instantly I felt the difference, my recovery and performance was enhanced and I felt so alive after training when I usually need to curl up in a ball. I would advise anyone who is serious about training to try Warrior NRG and reap the benefits from this amazing formula.”

- Dave Brown, Pro MMA Fighter

“As someone who is very interested in nutrition and given I travel frequently I have been looking for a protein powder that will give me the right nutrients and enough energy to sustain me pre and post workout and on the trips where food choices are limited. I have tried nearly every ‘clean’ protein powder on the market today and been disappointed with every single one. I will not drink anything I don’t enjoy, is bitty or has that awful aspartame/stevia aftertaste, I don;t care how good it is for me!

Finding Vivienne and trying her products has brought an end to my search. The texture of the Warrior NRG is lovely and the chocolate flavour makes it feel like each smoothie is a treat with NO grim aftertaste. I am very pleased to have found Viv, thank you so much!”

- Charlene

“Vivienne not only has magical hands, the state-of-the-art technology she uses in both face and body treatments is world class, and her systems work like nothing I’ve seen.”

- Fiona Golfer, Editor at Large, British Vogue

“Vivienne’s detox program has changed my life. I suffered from numerous ailments, was in a great deal of pain and on a number of medications. For the first time in 25 years, I am on no medications, can walk for miles and even enjoy Bikram Yoga! Members of my family have been so amazed by these changes, they have come to London from various parts of the USA to successfully do the program as well. Thank you, Viv! You are a God send!”

- Amy Schultz

“I have gone down at least a dress size and had someone stop me to tell me how good I look.”

- Annette

“After four weeks on the Vivienne Talsmat detox programme I lost 13lbs. I found the diet quite good with a variety of meals over the four weeks. Some were very tasty, specially the mustard chicken, spicy prawn and mustard stir-fry and salmon supreme.”

- Lyn Jones

“I travel a twelve hour round trip every week for my facials with Vivienne and I have been through the whole transformation with her. Initially my friends and family thought I was crazy travelling all that way to see her; now they wish they had done the same because I really do look twenty years younger!”

- Heather

“I was on holiday this year and I saw my friend’s face on the beach and was convinced she had been to Geneva for a secret face lift. She told me she had been to Vivienne to do Revjuva|Face.”

- Mairead Lewin

“After one month of Rejuva|Detox I felt like a brand new person. I had eczema on my face and body which used to really affect my confidence, which has totally cleared and my skin is now vibrant. In two months I have shed a massive 31⁄2 stone!”

- Steve

“Meeting Viv changed my life in such a profound way. Her unique approach to nutrition, wellbeing and spirituality made me feel I could achieve anything, and a year on I’m doing just that.

From a size 16 to a size 10, I’m the happiest and most positive I’ve ever been in my life.”

- Danielle

“Vivienne literally broke through my troubles. She gave me a liberating understanding of the whole of me, light and dark. She set me free from my destructive patterns while giving me the courage to embrace my brilliance, and helped me cope successfully through the most difficult life circumstances I have ever had to face.

Everybody had something to offer, but Vivienne has everything.”

- Ana Douglas

“I am increasingly pleased with the way my skin is softening since your treatment. I have come to the conclusion that you are very much an Alchemist.”

- Cassandra Struthers

“I’ve been seeing Viv for almost 9 years for various natural facial treatments and I’m exceedingly pleased with the status quo of my facial lines and features. I’ve never used botox or fillers and my friends can hardly believe it, as I look so much younger than my real age.”

“I had been suffering from a low iron blood count for years and I tried all the different kinds of treatments available, with no success. It was so bad at one point that I needed a blood transfusion of 3 pints!

When I met Vivienne, she introduced me to Rejuva|Detox, and after a few months my blood count went up significantly. Today I have a sustained hemoglobin count of 14. I have never been there before!”

- Lotte

“This is my favourite diet product since I ever started dieting. Nothing worked before. At the moment I don’t even feel I’m dieting. Rejuva|Burn tastes amazing, my skin has improved and, most importantly, I am losing weight. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

- Edy