Rejuva|Radiance Facial – a revelation in anti-aging

Rejuva|Radiance Facial

For the past two decades, Vivienne has been transforming and rejuvenating her clients skin with her signature facial. After intensive research and practice, Vivienne has devised a new facial; Rejuva | Radiance. Having already introduced it to Vivienne’s inner circle, the results were immediately clear. It is unlike anything you have experienced in the beauty industry to date.

What is it?

Based on the Eastern concept that beauty is more than skin deep, Rejuva | Radiance uses Japanese massage and acupressure techniques to work both the skin and the facial muscles deep beneath the surface. Combining this ancient practice with Viv’s signature skin peel, dermal roller and lymphatic drainage techniques leaves clients with a happier sense of being that manifests visibly with sheer radiance in as little as 90-120 minutes.

The facial uses ancient techniques once used only for the Japanese Royal Household and passed down by generations. Vivienne has interwoven Eastern and Western principles into the massage that deliver unbelievable results with just 1 Facial, yet building on each one you have to solidify and continuously improve results.

You can expect to feel an array of dazzling benefits from Rejuva | Radiance including:

  • Removal of waste products in the skin with improved venous and lymphatic circulation
  • Tighter and toned skin with the removal of surface adhesions
  • Radiant, glowing and smooth skin with restored colour
  • Rejuvenation and improved cellular function with improved energy levels
  • Reduction and prevention of bags underneath the eyes
  • Reduction and prevention of wrinkles
  • Relaxed muscles, elimination of facial tension and a happy sense of being
  • Increased vascular activity and stimulated facial nerves

The Facial Process

After Vivienne’s signature very deep cleanse, your skin will be a blank canvas and taken to extraordinary levels as follows:


Massage to the neck – Reduces tension in the neck muscles and prepares for stage two by increased circulation to the face

Massage to the face – Improves condition and appearance of skin by smoothing and polishing the skin to a glass-like glow, improves circulation to the deep facial muscles, relaxes and tones 43 different muscles, prepares for stage three as our acupressure points are more accessible if the muscles are relaxed)

The massage is one of contrasts; one moment you are deeply relaxed and the next you are stimulated. This effect of clears a lot of the painful emotions that we lock into our faces on a daily and consistent basis.

Meridians – Tapping the acupressure points along the meridian lines on the skin helps reduce wrinkles. Each meridian (energy line) is linked with a particular organ in the body. The eight meridians in the face connect to the large intestines, stomach, small intestines, bladder, triple heater, gall bladder, governing vessel and conception vessel.


Skin Peel – Stimulates collagen and removes pigmentation, old scarring, dark spots and stimulates healthy skin growth


Dermal Roller/ Needling – Stimulates the epidermis, improves circulation to the skin, improves elasticity and collagen production for the next six weeks. It is very effective in prevent wrinkles and crow’s feet and making skin more receptive to moisturiser.


Lymphatic Drainage – Encourages elimination of toxins from the tissues and reduces puffiness


Rebalance Sound Journey – Leaves you feeling relaxed and energised, ready to take on the rest of the day

The science behind this East meets West technique


The face is a complex network of muscles which are being used constantly. As a result, facial muscles begin to collect tension which eventually causes constriction of muscle tissue and decreased circulation to the surface tissues. When blood is unable to circulate properly through these tissues, the facial tissue near the surface begins to die, and begins to lose its natural elasticity.

Rejuva|Radiance works on 8 of the 14 meridians (energy lines) in the body which balances the health of the whole person. Each meridian is linked with a particular organ and emotion. When the energy line is blocked or stagnant then we are more susceptible to disease and negative emotions.

The energy that runs through the meridians pools in our acupressure points. When any one of the 62 acupressure points on each meridian is worked on, the flow of energy through it is influenced resulting in an improved physical function and psychological condition. The activation of facial nerves as a result of tapping into the acupressure points also means that there is an increased blood flow to the face and a natural facelift effect.


Vivienne’s most effective, signature facial techniques are used in this new facial including a powerful, deep cleanse, a gentle yet effective skin peel and lymphatic drainage. Combining this with the Eastern methods carefully sterilises the skin of deeply embedded impurities.

The peel removes dead skin cells and encourages the production of collagen which enables skin tightening and healthy regrowth. Lymphatic drainage simultaneously breaks down subcutaneous fat, gently improving the contours of the face whilst removing toxins from the skin and the body.



“Oh Vivienne, I’m just loving it! I think I can say it’s the first time I’ve ever seen and felt such significant results in a facial. I’m sure my skin has got some much-needed tone back and now looks ‘lifted.’ What a revelation! And I absolutely adored the treatment itself. Utterly sublime. So relaxing. So invigorating. Absolute heaven. I want to kidnap you and have you to myself forever.” – Katie
“The most incredible experience, that facial was absolutely amazing… like a whole experience not just a facial. My face is glowing and shiny and feels like glass, I feel like I’ve come back from a week on a yoga retreat, I almost cried a bit. I think it’s powerful stuff, amazing.” – Julie
“I look 21 and feel 17!” – Farhad
“Fantastic face session, it was relaxing yet stimulating.” – Rosy
“Just love the process and results. My skin looked incredible: radiant and bright but relaxed and the effects were very visible. People said that I looked very well and healthy.” – Anonymous
“What amazing results from one facial – incredible! I feel and look as though I had a facelift. I have never experienced anything like this. Now I know I don’t need to go anywhere to have procedures done to my face.” – Annabel
“Wow – I have just been in the most incredible trance-like state. Time stopped. I feel so grounded and cleansed and ready for pretty much anything right now.” – Caroline 



Rejuva|Radiance Facial 2


We are now inviting bookings for this exclusive new treatment just in time for the festive season. To book your own or purchase a facial voucher for someone else as an amazing Christmas present, please email or 


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