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Rejuva Detox

In 1998, the World Health Organisation declared obesity as a chronic and recurrent disease. It is responsible for the increase of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. For reasons both psychological and physical, obesity is complicated to fix. It has thus become of the most critical challenges of our time.

The fundamental pillars of treatment for obesity are extreme diets, mind management and increased physical activity. If these lifestyle therapies cannot solve the problem, people often consider surgical interventions. Intervention can significantly reduce visceral fat (fat this is stored within the abdominal cavity near several vital organs, including the liver, stomach and intestines). However, subcutaneous fat (belly fat that is stored under the skin) is harder to remove and reduce. 

Conventional ‘fad’ diets have emerged on an annual basis over the past couple of decades. You may lose a significant amount of weight in the short-term, but users of these diet plans often gain weight in the long-term. Draining ourselves of nutrients and energy by reducing calorie intake causes lasting damage to the body’s ability to regulate itself. Low-calorie diets often impact psychological wellbeing including, mood, memory and ability to concentrate. 

Vivienne knew this two years in advance of the WHO’s findings. In 1996, Vivienne set out to create a lifestyle wellness system that would reduce visceral and subcutaneous fat. The system would also allow the body to detoxify safely and healthily, without causing long-term detrimental effects. Rejuva Detox emerged as a leading and revolutionary treatment method in Vivienne’s first detox clinic. 


Rejuva| Detox

Vivienne’s four-week Rejuva|Detox programme is made up of a food diet and a series of electropulse treatments that help the body reach homeostasis and begin the subcutaneous fat reduction process. Today, the system is more refined, famous and successful than when Vivienne launched it 23 years ago. The increasingly impressive results are as much about Vivienne’s constant evolution and in part, the result of our lives becoming more stressful and toxic in modern times. 


The Diet

The diet involves a breakfast of hot water with drizzled lemon and a bowl of fruit. Vegetable soup and salad is required for lunch. Dinner consists of fish, chicken or lamb, brown rice, steamed vegetables and salad. Patients follow this process in week one and four. In week two and three the diet varies slightly. For example a baked potato is added at dinner. Patients are permitted to snack on fruit and vegetables every 1-2 hours following the main meal. 

Banned foods include: bread, wheat or gluten-containing products, dairy, cereals, eggs, alcohol, caffeine, salt, pepper, herbs, spices, processed foods, olives, vinegar, sugar, grains, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, prep-produced fruit or vegetable juices, popcorn, confectionary, dressings, sauces or pickled foods. 

In addition to the food part of the programme, patients used the Detox machine three times per week. Patients are also advised to drink three litres of water per day.


Scientific endorsement

The detox programme, although successful with Vivienne’s vast and impressive client base, needed scientific support. To that end, Vivienne submitted the plan for scientific study. The intention was to measure the efficacy and efficiency of the system. Professor Laszlo Halmy, MD PhD DMSc, oversaw and ran the study having been named as one of the leading professors in his field at the time. 

The researchers used a test group of 10 obese patients aged between 27 and 59. Their BMI measured between 28.7 and 56.4. The patients had not received treatment in the preceding six-months. They were not advised to change their existing physical therapies at the point of commencing this study. In doing so, Professor Halmy could determine if it was the detox programme having an impact and not other external factors.



The study found weight reduced by 5.61%, which corresponds to 6.3kg (14lb) of weight loss in 28-days. On average, patients lost 8.5cm from their waist alone. Body fat percentages decreased by 4.1%. The body fat reduction included a principal reduction of fat around the kidneys. Fat around the kidneys is one of the critical indicators for developing diseases. Body composition tests showed that fitness significantly improved despite physical activity remaining the same before, during and after the programme. 

Also, the study found that patients of macro and micronutrients and fatty acids had substantially increased and cholesterol decreased. Finally, the system met the intention of reducing both visceral and subcutaneous fat in all patients. 



Ultimately, Vivienne set out to formulate a non-invasive weight loss and detoxification system that was safe and efficient. Rejuva Detox achieved this by providing patients with tangible and rapid results and simultaneously changing their mindset towards food and diet in general. A changed mindset gives patients the power to continue to make positive changes and enhance and increase their weight loss in the future. 

The reduction in both visceral and subcutaneous fat improved patients physical appearance and inner health. It reduced their risk of obesity-related diseases and improved their fitness to such a standard that they could increase their physical activity and further enhance their health. 

Rejuva Detox is a natural regime to follow that can be adopted by men and women of all ages, background and lifestyles. It has long-term effects that mean patients are not at risk of crash-dieting and gaining more weight when they revert to eating normally. Further, the nutritional benefits of the meal plans enable patients to lose fat and weight without compromising on their energy levels. On the contrary, patients report feeling more energised than ever before, proving that Rejuva Detox also substantially improves mood and psychological wellbeing too. 


Supplementary Detox Products

Since launching the Rejuva Detox system, Vivienne has treated tens of thousands of patients, all of whom have gone on to lead very healthy and fulfilled lives., a far cry away from the initial state they started in. There has been a growing demand for a less time-consuming way of starting the day without the burden of preparing food.

Even though we have a much wider variety of healthy eating outlets on the high street, the portions are often small and the prices high. High-street options rarely satisfy us or give us the nutrients needed to detox efficiently. Thus, Vivienne used her nutritional background to formulate an exclusive detox product that cleans the body from the inside out. Rejuva Detox smoothie powders give the body a full avalanche of nutrients. You  can buy Rejuva|Detox online at the Rejuva shop 

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