The New Rejuva Radiance Range Q&A with Vivienne!



What was your goal for the Rejuva Radiance range?

I wanted to leave a legacy for women. Something that would always give them a boost in life and give them a natural glow even when the ageing process seems to be taking that away.

What was your inspiration?

For some, the worst time in a woman’s natural life is the unavoidable menopause. And while a few women celebrate it, the majority don’t. We spend all the years before menopause thinking we’ll be happy when our periods finally stop, but the reality is that when it happens, it’s like somehow you thought it wouldn’t happen to you. When your Dr says that’s it, and you’re done you feel anything but relief, You feel finished, on the scrap heap of your sexual prime and like a melted candle. This time is when women get obsessed with youth or rather their loss of it and those that can afford it seek drastic plastic surgery thinking that will return them to the glorious days of old. But that’s just like wallpapering half the wall. And then the rest of the house looks even shabbier! Even women adverse to fillers and Botox suddenly succumb in their mission to obtain a youthful look once again. Depression, physical discomfort, hot and cold flushes, loss of libido and a general drying up in all the wrong places are just some of the symptoms. I wanted to help women cross this bridge as a goddess and not a clown.

Tell us more about the ingredients in Rejuva Radiance?

One of the most significant issues both men and women face when ageing is the ageing appearance of their skin, and there were a lot of collagen-based products on the market, So many clients and friends kept asking for my recommendations as to which ones work or are the best. I did some extensive research and found out that most products on the market are just sugar and water and a bit of fish scale. The fish scale cannot be broken down by the body, so it’s soaked in chemicals, and then collagen is extracted. Only 1 or 2 companies understood that fish collagen isn’t a complete protein. Its missing tryptophan, without this essential amino acid it’s not absorbable to the human body. As I didn’t want to add a synthetic ingredient, I searched for a food state alternative and found that Chickpea are very high in tryptophan and so I used a base of chickpea protein to complete the amino acid profile. This way I’ve formulated a superior collagen product for those that just wanted a functional collagen product of good value and effectiveness.

And for all the women approaching and experiencing menopause or stressed individuals who were noticing drying of the skin, advanced ageing, wrinkles, loss of volume especially under the eyes, and those telling of your age sunken hollows I developed Rejuva Radiance Platinum.

What’s makes Rejuva Radiance Platinum different?

Platinum uses a base of the Silver and then 15 other powerful botanicals and super nutrients! Works like a dream and leaves you glowing! Tryptophan works in the 5-HTP- serotonin, melatonin pathways in the body meaning when you take it at night (In the dark) you sleep like a baby, enjoying a very deep and long sleep. Alternatively, if you take it in the morning (with daylight stimulation) you have a great burst of energy and alertness. These are the added benefits!

How fast can you expect to see results?

We’ve had clients who notice a glow to their skin and a bounce to their hair in as little as three days. On average, it’s around three weeks to three months as every person is different and has different problem areas. Either way, it certainly works!


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“Fantastic before bed for a good night’s sleep” – earthspiritniayoga on Instagram

“I’m over the moon with this product!… I know your products well and have been a loyal follower of your rejuva|detox and now have Rejuva|Pause in the morning and my Rejuva Radiance at night. Getting to 50 was a scary thought, but with your smoothies and amazing facial and skincare, I honestly feel that my body and mind think I’m 30 again, Thank you.” – @1esmatee on Instagram

“As I’m nearing 40 I can definitely see the changing process happening. I love what you do, combining good skincare routines from the outside but also from the inside being equally important. I respect that, agree with that. Thank you, Vivienne.” – @oaholt on Instagram

“I have to tell you that Rejuva Radiance is utterly gorgeous!!! I have better skin, but better yet, my dandruff is gone and i fought it for nearly a decade! Unbelievable! You are a true Magician” Michal via Email


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