Launching our new waxing services

If you are anything like me, when you make your mind up about wanting to do something, you want to do it quickly. So, when it comes to trying to book a wax, being told that the next appointment is weeks away is nothing more than a nuisance.

I can’t be alone in experiencing this problem which is why I have found a way to make your lovely lives even easier and more beautiful. From now, you can book to have your waxing done with us at our private clinic in West London.

Of course, the impeccable quality, superior results and high standards that you have come to expect of me and my treatments will apply to your waxing. You’ll find us using the best Lycon hot wax for sensitive areas as well as cool strip wax for more resilient areas of skin.

Our waxing treatments will be carried out by the fantastic Lauren. She has years of experience delivering incredible treatments and after an intense and exciting training period with us, is ready to meet you and change your beauty regimes for good.

Unlike shaving, waxing doubles up as an effective exfoliating treatment, leaving the skin underneath feeling soft and smooth. You are welcome to book your wax as a standalone treatment or as an add-on treatment pre/post-facial, making for a well-earned pampering session.

If the convenience of making life just a little easier isn’t enough to encourage you to book in, perhaps these recent testimonials will be.



“Best waxing I’ve ever had, I hardly felt anything even in the most painful parts. I was just laughing so much from the chat.”


“Lovely experience, she’s a real perfectionist.”


“Fast, efficient and such a lovely lady.”


Further information: 

Lycon wax is used in the most elite salons in the UK and around the world. Their product is so efficient that it can remove hair as short as 1mm from the skin, meaning you don’t need to leave it as long between treatments.

The waxes vary in colours and scents and use breakthrough beauty tech to ensure that the experience is virtually painless. Unlike strip wax, Lycon hot wax shrink wraps around the hair, cools and becomes exceptionally pliable, making it easy to remove without damaging the skin underneath.

Aromatherapy oils are used in the wax, and this makes them much more creamy, gentle, soothing and perfect for use on sensitive areas. These qualities also lend them to being suitable for reapplying to areas with stubborn hair without causing skin trauma or irritation.

As with any waxing salon, we recommend that before visiting us for your treatment that you do the following things to achieve the best results:

  1. Gently exfoliate the skin a day or two beforehand,
  2. Arrive with freshly washed skin (although you should not have a hot bath or shower just before a waxing treatment) and
  3. Avoid applying creams, oils or gels to the area.

These easy to remember tips will ensure that you leave with even more fantastic results.

Remember, hair grows at different stages and therefore, it is essential not to disrupt your hair growth further by shaving in between wax treatments. Doing this will make it harder to get a smoother and longer-lasting result and will also stimulate the hair into growing more quickly.

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