Staying Healthy at the Airport and Beyond

Anyone that has travelled or travels regularly will know that when it comes to airports, there aren’t many healthy options. Early mornings, queues and the thought of long flights can make the idea of a quick fix very appealing. McDonalds, pubs, Pret and a host of other fast food outlets are strategically placed in every line of sight. So, how do we stay healthy when we are travelling?


The night before… 

  • Prepare a Tupperware container of raw, sliced vegetables and add in a varied selection of nuts and seeds and other healthy snacks. We recommend packing some Rejuva Nutrition energy bars for peak health!
  • Get a large (empty) glass water bottle ready. You can use this for filling when you are through security without having to rely on good hostess service to prevent dehydration
  • Add essentials to your bag that will help you feel refreshed during your travels. We recommend a quality moisturiser, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, refreshing wipes, eye mask, travel pillow and hand sanitizer
  • Get plenty of sleep. Light a candle with a relaxing scent and fall asleep dreaming of your destination. A lack of sleep will leave you feeling stressed when you wake which is a recipe for disaster on the healthy eating front
  • Download your boarding passes to an app on your phone and ensure you have all of your key documents ready to make check-in and transport at the other end more bearable



The morning of… 

  • Set your alarm so that you wake up with enough time to get to the airport without rushing. A brilliant app to use is Sleep Cycle which will wake you within a set timeframe at the point you are in a light sleep
  • Have breakfast. It is tempting to wait and eat at the airport but this will make it difficult not to binge. Enjoy a protein rich breakfast to sustain you throughout the day and give you the energy to face your travels
  • Add a comfortable outfit to your bag to wear on the plane, this will also help you feel fresher when you land


At the airport…

  • Find somewhere to buy some coconut water to give you ultimate hydration
  • Swap sitting in bars, pubs or coffee shops for a spa treatment, facial or massage to get you in the right zone  of relaxation ahead of the flight
  • Ahead of a flight, take the time to stroll around the duty-free – pick up any last minute items you may need and enjoy the time spent on your feet


On the plane… 

  • Set your watch to the time zone you are travelling to. This will help you get into holiday mode and psychologically adjust to your new time of day more quickly when you land
  • Ensure you have filled your water bottle and regularly take sips throughout the flight. The harsh air-con environment onboard flights is very dehydrating
  • Take regular breaks from sitting and walk around the plane. This will keep your circulation at a healthy level preventing issues such as DVT and will reduce bloating
  • Avoid eating aeroplane food that is loaded with salt and fat and instead opt for sustainable snacks such as nuts, your raw vegetable selection and salads
  • Say no to the cocktail and wine carts, your body is far more susceptible to dehydration on an aeroplane and the altitude can increase the effects of the alcohol in undesirable ways




Following these tips and tricks should make your travelling experience much more healthy and satisfying. Going on holiday is the best time to regenerate the mind and restore the body. The best way to do this is to start the journey correctly. What are your personal travel tips?






  • Bkr water bottle – these beautiful bottles comes in multiple sizes and are made of glass which is better for your body and better for the earth
  • Clean and organic coconut water – this is more hydrating than ordinary water
  • Rejuva Nutrition energy bars – packed full of nutritional goodness, they are fibrous, filling and a smoothie in your pocket



  • Sleep Cycle – this will wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle so you are less groggy
  • Waze – a brilliant alternative to maps and sat navs, this will always show you the fastest route to the airport with live travel and traffic updates
  • Airline travel apps – use these to download your boarding passes and add to your phone for efficiency going through security
  • Duolingo – this very clever app makes learning key phrases and words in new languages very easy. Spend some time on the plane learning something useful for your next destination
  • Google Translate – for when you haven’t spent enough time on Duolingo. You can scan words using this app and it will automatically translate them for you
  • Wolfram sun exposure – if you are going somewhere sunny and hot (lucky you!), then this is an excellent app to guide you on how much sun you can tolerate before encountering dangerous UV levels

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