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Vivienne Talsmat Alternative Summer Activity Ideas

This year has been one of the extremes when it comes to the English climate. After months of bitter cold, we have been hit by the hottest heat wave in the UK for decades. Don’t mistake this for a complaint (we love the sunshine) but warm weather is tiring.

Hot weather = low energy

Dozens of our clients have been coming through the door hot, tired and feeling drained. It doesn’t take long with Viv before they are feeling more energetic and raring to go. But why? What is the magic ingredient they are all leaving with? Well aside from Viv’s infectious spirit, they are also topping up on their Rejuva smoothie powders.

Beating the heat

With four distinct purposes (detox the body, burn fat, enhance sports performance and build muscle) our formulas have essential commonality. They all provide you with a dose of sustainable energy throughout the day; something we think is necessary if you are keen on surviving the heat and enjoying your summer to the fullest.

On that note, check out some of our unique activities to keep you moving, motivated and making memories over the coming weeks.


Kent Surf School

Based in Broadstairs, Kent’s surf school is a fantastic way to cool off in the summer heat, learn a new skill and work your abs, arms and legs.

Best smoothie: Rejuva Sport

Go Ape

Perfect for the whole family, Go Ape is the place for climbing trees, zip-lining and making your way across bridges and obstacles. There are lots of Go Ape venues around the country with different options available for ages and activity levels.

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Flying Fantastic

Located in various venues in and around London, this is the place where you can take classes on aerial silks, hoops, trapeze and slings. If you wanted to work on your acrobatic skills or flexibility, then Flying Fantastic is an exciting way to do so.

Best smoothie: Rejuva Sport

Night Kayak

London looks beautiful during the day, but it is also extraordinary lit up after dark. You can see the sights up close by doing a nighttime kayak along the River Thames in the company of others and enjoy the unique experience. Book through Secret Adventures

Best smoothie: Rejuva Burn

Swim in the Lido

London has some beautiful Lido’s for you and your family or friends to enjoy this Summer. Take your swim outside and enjoy the rare occasions of wanting nothing more than a big pool of cold water to sink into. Brockwell Lido seems to be a favourite for families but if you wish to some adult-only swimming then head for the Lido on Parliament Hill.

Best smoothie: Rejuva Detox

Jumping Giants – Heathrow

Here you can jump on over 100 interconnected trampolines some of which are angled against the wall, launching decks, Foam Pits with launch pads, extreme Dodgeball Courts, Slam Dunk Basketball, Junior Jump Zones, Ninja Courts, Battle Beams and a Half Pipe. Jumping Giants is not for the faint-hearted!

Best smoothie: Rejuva Sport


Frame is a chain of gyms focussed on fun ways to exercise with studios around London. With classes teaching you how to dance like Beyonce, exercise on trampolines or bend it like Barbie, you can expect high energy, high motivation and a lot of happy faces.

Best smoothie: Rejuva Sport

Paddle & Pick

One of the best ways to do good while you have fun is Paddle & Pick. Hop on a paddle board and test your balance and stability while picking plastic and waste out of London’s canals. You’ll improve your fitness, get to spend some time outdoors and care for the environment all at the same time.

Best smoothie: Rejuva Detox


Release your inner child with a hula-hooping fitness class. 90’s pop tunes will be the order of the day while you use weight hoops to work muscles you never knew you had.

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An exercise class that involves high-intensity training on a bed anchored in the water. The bed wobbles as you move making it harder to stay steady and hold positions. Exercises include lunges, burpees and squats. The only motivation you need to engage your muscles for this class is the thought of falling in the water.

Best smoothie: Rejuva Sport 


With so many unique and exciting options to keep you healthy and active this summer, you’ll be sure to fly through your Rejuva smoothies. Our recipe book contains our favourite combinations of fruits and veg. Email to receive your copy and more information on the extensive benefits of our organic, clean and free from all nasties product!

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