Why being healthy should be your number one new years resolution

As January moves in to greet us, our minds start wandering to new beginnings and resolutions to make for the year to come. Although some of the resolutions to make it on to the list will be financial or career driven, leisure or relationship based; we want to explain why being healthy should be at the top of your list.


The word ‘healthy’ is thrown around all the time but what does it mean? The Oxford English Dictionary tells us it can mean any of the following:

1. In a good physical or mental condition
2. Part of the body not diseased
3. Promoting good health
4. Normal, natural and desirable
5. Of a very satisfactory size or amount

At Rejuva HQ we take it one step further. We believe that the true definition of healthy is all of these things, all of the time.


FIRST, DETOX in January
You can not maintain optimal health if you have a toxic body. If you are experiencing symptoms such as constant fatigue, stubborn weight gain, bad breath, constipation, aches and pains or skin reactions, then you are probably struggling to eliminate sources of toxins from your body.

Our liver is responsible for over 500 different bodily functions, not a surprise given it is our second largest organ. It is also the primary organ for detoxification. To help the liver help us, we need to support the liver through our lifestyle choices and very importantly, our nutrition.

A wide range of foods can contribute to the efficient functioning of the liver. Of these, most can be found in the Rejuva Nutrition detox products. These products contain a robust selection of grasses known as potent detoxifiers including barley grass, chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass amongst other extraordinary ingredients that boost the immune system and are rich in antioxidants. One scoop of our detox smoothie powder provides you with all of your daily nutrition requirements.

As you start to detox your body, you will notice a lot of different things. Firstly, increased energy levels, secondly, your improved health and resistance to infection and third but not finally improved mood. Detox is a powerful experience because it caters to our body and mind. When we start to become more healthy, we naturally experience greater levels of happiness too.

Rejuva Detox Bars

SECOND, BURN fat in February
You might be walking into the New Year wanting to lose weight and shed the Christmas pounds that we inevitably put on. However, your body will be resistant to losing weight if it is in an unhealthy state. Toxins that our body cannot eradicate will form into fatty deposits around the body. Only after we have broken these down will our bodies lose weight effectively.

A combination of detox, exercise and diet will get you the results that you want, but it doesn’t necessarily mean having to make boring meals with low-calorie foods. Compliment your efforts by using our Rejuva Burn products which contain a unique formulation that boosts our energy levels and burns fat. We achieve this dual effect rapidly by utilising a mix of green tea, baobab and bio-assimilable protein without depriving your body of what it needs.


Summer bodies are made in the winter. By the time you get to March, you would have detoxed your body and burned fat already. Your energy levels will be at the highest they have ever been and this combined with a healthier system will make you want to exercise.

Our Rejuva Sport products contain the essential ingredients to enhance your energy and sports performance further while aiding muscle building and recovery. Not only does this make for a healthier lifestyle it also continues the rate of fat burn both by way of increased activity and continual muscle growth.

Rejuva Sport has a high protein and moderate carb mix that is quickly assimilated by the body. Unlike other products this does not contain any whey, soya or dairy and can be taken pre- and post- workout.

In addition to looking better, you will feel happier thanks to the massive release of endorphins that occurs when we exercise. The increased levels of activity will also move lymph around the body, an essential bodily process that reduces inflammation and infection.


A three-month plan for good health is easy to follow but surprisingly even easier to maintain. The experience of a cleaner body, happy mind and healthier physique is addictive. We thrive when we are healthy and when we are living a natural existence. Even making such small but significant changes will make a substantial difference to your longevity and wellbeing. In turn, we become more desirable creatures of healthy habits that are living an equally desirable life. What better way to live out 2017?

So go on… write your resolutions and be sure to add ‘be healthy’ to the top if the list.

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