Fitness and Wellness Holidays to book in 2017

We are often asked how to stay healthy when on holiday, at the airport or where to go that won’t be a disaster for the body and mind (clue: it isn’t a rave in Ibiza). So… for the next five weeks, we will be bringing you a series of travel-themed blogs focussing on the best tips to achieve ultimate, all-rounded wellness whether you are at the airport, on the beach or staying put in London.


This week, we are focussing on the best places in the world to go for a health, fitness or wellness retreat. Staying as local as the UK and as exotic as the Philippines, we have put together a selection of luxurious resorts your mind and body would thank you for.


The Body Holiday: St Lucia

This all-inclusive luxury holiday is a far cry from the type of experiences you may have had at other all-inclusive resorts. Fresh food, daily spa treatments and an array of sports and fitness lessons and classes cater for every angle of wellbeing you could imagine. If you don’t fancy a calming morning of yoga and massage, why not turn your hand to some archery or set your sight on learning to sail. Diversity is the name of the game at this resort, the only regret you will have upon leaving is that you did not book a longer stay.



Pop-up Fitness Retreats: Europe, Various

Familiar with the jet-setting influence society, this is stylish, fun and capturing the interest of the Instagram generation with its unique approach and weight-loss results. Retreats take place in the UK, South of France and Ibiza at stunning villas and properties set in luscious backdrops. Michelin-starred chefs design food plans and various fitness experts are available for specific classes, training and improvement. This is one of the more comfortable Bootcamp style luxury retreats whereby you do more of what you enjoy and less of what you hate.



Como Shambhala Estate: Bali

The Como brand is famed for its impressive hotels in breathtaking locations. The Shambhala retreats add an extra layer of luxe and wellbeing to these holidays by improving guests yoga, pilates and wellness practices. Masters of their field lead sessions while expert chefs cook up healthy, fresh and nourishing meals to compliment the program. You won’t find any rigorous Bootcamp style fitness training on holiday here, but you will come back a better version of yourself.



Zighy Bay: Oman, Middle East

The fitness program at Zighy Bay places emphasis on bespoke personal training sessions to improve fitness. Massage and sculpting body treatments are used to provide a relaxation element and aid tired muscles. Optional group classes in a range of exercises and sports add a sociable edge to the program that can enhance fitness and weight loss results at the end of the week. Benefits of Oman extend to the fact temperatures are warm all year round.



]The Resort at Paws Up: Montana, USA

This unique resort provides the ultimate opportunity to become one with nature without compromising on luxury and comfort. Impressive ‘glamping’ tents featuring four-poster beds and free-standing bathtubs are nestled in amongst fresh air surrounds and 37,000 acres of the ranch. Activities ranging from horse riding and mountain biking to spa-going provides your body with balance, healing and exercise the way nature intended. Families need not worry about their young ones as the resort is child-friendly, encouraging you to become healthy and fit adventure-seekers together.



Karkloof Safari Spa: Africa

This hotel brings together the best of safari with detox, wellness and weight management programs. Guests can choose to indulge in the spa or test their fitness with long hikes or mountain bike rides around the wide range of stunning vistas. The detox and weight management program both include a variety of spa treatments as well as access to fine food cooked with local and organic produce. Private jeep safaris are available for guests should they want to unwind watching the best of African wildlife in its natural environment.



Ananda Spa: Himalayas, India

Ananda is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the Himalayas. Programs encompassing every aspect of health and wellbeing are held here including weight management, detox, stress management, rejuvenation, self-realisation and fitness programs. The carefully curated menu ensures that you are experiencing well-being and renewal both inside and outside of the body. Menus are personalised daily which allows you to lose weight as well as enjoy excellent food and ingredients. Restoring balance and energy is easy to do here, especially given the resort overlooks the spiritual town of Rishikesh and is surrounded by graceful Sal forests.



S10: Costa Rica

Booking a place at this fitness and wellbeing retreat is possible by Invite only. It is super exclusive and full of influential people and thought leaders, but it is a well put together retreat that will provide you with fresh and local-grown food specific to your nutritional needs, along with supplements and training sessions. The natural setting is utilised through jungle style obstacle courses, adventure based activities and food sourced from local producers.



The Farm at San Benito: Philippines

The best retreat in the Philippines, this resort is host to some programs including sports recovery and regeneration, mind and body restoration, weight-loss detox cleanses and beauty and vitality rejuvenation. Each program combines teachings of the Eastern and Western parts of the world. Self-proclaimed as a healing journey; it is positioned as a holistic healing and wellness centre. Nutrition and nature lie at the heart of their approach to wellness, and this is conveyed in the delicate surroundings, activities on offer and balanced food menus.



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