Why have you spelt Rejuvenation incorrectly?

The word rejuvenation is spelt with an ‘e’ in England and an ‘i’ in America. At Rejuva Nutrition we spell it ‘REJUVANATION’. The concept behind our mission is to Rejuvenate a nation of human beings on planet earth. We believe that everyone should be healthy in their physical body and the currency for cellular health is nutrition. On the back of that, we give a percentage of every sale in your name to various charities that support the provision of food and water in deprived communities around the world. There is a surprise waiting for someone in the world with every sale we make.

How much of this product should I use at once?

A 908g tub of the Rejuva|Burn Rejuva|Sport and Warrior product will last one month. The recommended amount of product is two scoops per smoothie. This provides the optimal balance of nutrients.

The Rejuva|Detox is more concentrated and requires only one scoop per smoothie for excellent results.

You can find delicious recipes on the product pages and by signing up to our newsletter.

How quickly will I see results?

All of our products and systems produce incredibly good results in a short time frame. The extent to how quickly these results will show depends on the programme you embark on and what your own personal starting point and goals are. Typically results start to show as quickly as one week in to the programme and after one or two sessions with the Rejuva systems.

Where are the ingredients sourced?

Using high quality ingredients from natural and ethical sources is a fundamental principle for Vivienne Talsmat. Every ingredient used in the products has been carefully tested to ensure it is the most natural and pure form we can obtain from the place in the world in which it grows in abundance. We aim to use organic ingredients in every batch but when there are extreme superfood shortages we use the next best thing.

A large amount of our spending goes towards man sourcing quality ingredients from experienced producers. We understand that selling a health product with reduced quality ingredients voids all benefits. We opt for more expensive but ultimately better ingredients. For example; we buy our barley grass from New Zealand because it has more nutritional integrity and far less pollutants than other countries.

Buying our ingredients in a way that is ethical, naturally sustainable and more beneficial for your body is an essential policy for our company. The end result is a product that is pure, safe, reliable and free from any of the nasty chemicals, and additions commonly found in supplementary powders on the mass market.

What benefits will I see after using these products?

Benefits range depending on your product choice. All products aim to increase your energy and vitality and promote optimal health. However, the Rejuva|Detox will predominantly purify your body whilst the Rejuva|Burn will burn fat. The Rejuva|Sport and Warrior NRG are aimed at sportsmen and women of varying intensities and focus on building and repairing muscle, allowing for reduced rest time in between workouts.

The products created by Vivienne Talsmat improve you physically and emotionally and as such they will all leave you with a feeling of well being whilst delivering key nutrients and vitamins to contribute to a healthy diet and body.

Is this product proven to give results?

All Vivienne Talsmat systems and products are proven to give results as evidenced by the high number of independent testimonials of end users. Our original Detox system has undergone extensive clinical trails to prove its successful results. Each product has been carefully formulated to include the correct amount of each ingredient to ensure maximum efficiency. One serving of a Rejuva product will provide the necessary vitamins your body needs on a daily basis. The use of the Rejuva powders in smoothies means your body absorbs the vitamins rapidly and efficiently. Results will be enhanced when products and systems are used in conjunction with a personal meal plan designed by Vivienne Talsmat, the first in the world that actually increases your calorie intake through nourishing foods for the body. Testimonials and press reviews can be found on the website for all products and systems.

Is this product safe?

All products and systems designed by Vivienne Talsmat are safe to use. The products themselves are free from all animal products, metals, sugars, dairy, egg, fillers, gluten, soya, sweeteners, wheat, yeast, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives and GMO products. This makes the products safe and suitable for almost everyone. We are unaware of anyone having an adverse reaction to our products to date. However, these days’ allergies can happen to almost any food. Please talk to us if you have any negative reactions and we will work with you to figure it out. Those who find it difficult to get the required nutrients for their body will thrive with our product as they are full of anti-oxidant rich super foods, natural protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, plant sterols, minerals and detoxifiers.

Are there any risks in using this product?

The products are natural and organic and as such there are no known risks in using this product. In addition, these products have been through food testing laboratories and are deemed safe to use by regulatory standards.

The only risk is that you may enjoy the benefits so much, you keep coming back for more!

Is this product suitable for me?

The Rejuva products are suitable for men and women over the age of eighteen. The careful formulation of each product to provide targeted benefits means there is a suitable product for everyone. Rejuva products have many testimonials that have been shown to support digestive health and many other health concerns of all types due to their naturally healing and cleansing properties. Pregnant women are advised to check with their Doctor of Health care advisor before using any of these products.

Is this product regulated and has it been tested?

Yes the products have been food tested and also meet regulatory requirements in all countries in which they are sold.

Do you ship internationally?

Our products can be sent internationally as standard. Whilst our Rejuva systems can be shipped and used worldwide, this would have to be arranged following an initial discussion about your requirements and clinic capabilities.

How quickly will I receive my products?

We aim to ship our products to UK addresses within 24 hours of order receipt. For international orders we aim to dispatch within 48 hours.

Do you offer refunds or a money back guarantee?

We have absolute faith in the efficacy of our product and strongly believe that they will transform the way your body works and feels. To that end we do offer refunds on our products.

I have seen other systems like Rejuva|Body, why is this one different?

Vivienne has spent extensive time tweaking and adjusting the machines used in her treatments to deliver fantastic results in a short amount of time. In addition she has perfected her methods and tested them on all skin types with great success.

Unfortunately some companies and websites appear to offer the same treatments without having had the appropriate training. This results in poor results and health and safety risks. If you are in doubt of whether another company is legitimate please contact us and we will be able to confirm this to you.