Exercise on Holiday Made Easy

It isn’t unusual to spend a few months before your holiday slimming down and getting healthier, only to come back feeling bloated and marginally less fit than before. This week we are sharing our best tips on how to exercise on holiday that won’t interfere with relaxation and fun.




Viv’s favourite exercise: Walking

Feeling the sand between your toes and the waves beneath your feet may sound like a cliche but it doesn’t make it any less of an amazing way to spend your day. Clean air and beautiful surroundings make walking a pleasant experience and for this, you won’t even need to change from your sunbathing clothes.

Benefits of walking: Improved mood, increased metabolism and toned legs and bottom are just a few of the benefits you will get from walking. Other benefits include a reduced risk of disease and a reduction in the loss if muscle mass which becomes more important as we age.

What you need: SPF, an oversized hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water (maybe a camera too)

Best time of the day: Any time before or after the sun is at it’s highest (11am-3pm)

Post exercise snack: A fruity smoothie and a scoop of Rejuva|Detox


Viv’s favourite exercise: Hiking and Tai Chi

After climing up to Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, Viv’s experience was taken to new heights with a practice of Tai Chi. The slow movements means that your heart is protected even in high altititude where the air is thinner. The amazing views and reflective environments will do wonders for your body and your soul.

Benefits of Tai Chi: Lower blood pressure and improved heart health and reduced Inflammation are the health benefits you can expect, you will also notice enhanced flexibility, balance, and agility.

What you need: Trainers, light and layered gym clothing

Best time of the day: Early in the morning as the sun is rising, giving you incredible views and an unforgettable backdrop

Post exercise snack: Rejuva | Sport mint and cacao energy bar



Viv’s favourite exercise: Dance

City breaks aren’t the best places to do anything aerobic outside owing to higher pollution levels. That doesn’t mean you need to restrict exercise to a gym. Instead, get your cardio fix of an evening at a local bar or dance class, learn the local dance styles and pick up a new skill at the same time.

Benefits of dance: Your aerobic fitness will increase whilst you simultaneously improve muscle tone, strength and endurance. Studies also show that dance can benefit bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Learning a new skill is just an add-on!

What you need: A beautiful dress and some fancy shoes

Best time of the day: After the sun has gone down

Post exercise snack: Rejuva | Burn Apricot and Maca

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