BBQ food fit for a vegetarian – our favourite recipes

BBQ season can be a nightmare if you are a vegetarian or trying to eat healthily. Luckily, we have sourced the web for the best recipes to make BBQ’ing a success.


Vegetarian burgers 

You can make these using mushrooms, chickpeas, falafel, spices, herbs and all sorts of other ingredients. Not only are they extremely tasty, they are also very nutritious with any fat being the good kind, not the bloating kind. Making up the ‘burger’ patty can be fun too, especially if you can get the kids involved.

Find a recipe here.

New and improved “Corn on cob” 

This dish might be an old classic but it is never as good as when it is cooked on a bbq on a hot summers day. Adding some colour to your bbq food, these nutritious treats will pleased adults and children alike. Mix it up with seasonings and sauces to give it extra flavour like the recipe does below.

Find a recipe here.


Sweet potato skins 

Load your barbecued sweet potato skins up with pomegranate, a vegan cheese and some wilted spinach for an unusual but delicious taste. The crisp crunchiness of the pomegranate will be the perfect contrast with the smoothness of the sweet potato. It is a unique take on ‘potato skins’ that won’t have you feeling guilty.

Find the recipe here.


Vegetable skewers 

Skewers are a staple of any good barbecue but you don’t need meat to make them a success. Vegetable skewers are healthier and offer a variety of rich flavours to enjoy in one hit. They’re also super quick to make and can be enjoyed hot or cold, the perfect welcoming appetiser.

Find the recipe here.


Pepper parcels 

The versatility of this dish is what makes it such a dream. All you need is the pepper base and the rest you can make up as you go along. They will barbecue very quickly and can be filled with anything from cheeses to salad ingredients, dressed up or seasoned down. Have some real fun and compete on who can make the most delicious filling.



Filled avoado 

Avocado can’t go wrong but it can go extra right. After removing the stone from the avocado, cook the avocado very lightly on the bbq for just a few seconds. Fill with some hummus or tahini, add a sprinkling of herbs or swap these ingredients for something else you love to eat.

Find the recipe here


BBQ pineapple 

Sweet treats need not go amiss at a barbecue and you don’t need lashings of cream or dairy to make it tasty. Try putting some round slices of pineapple on the bbq and combine with some organic coconut yoghurt that is dairy free and all natural. The combination of flavours is delicious and perfectly refined when topped with some chopped nuts.


Tomato salad 

The most versatile salad in the world, you can create an endless amount of flavours if you wanted. Mix varieties of tomatoes to begin with before choosing between oils, dips, dressing and herbs depending on what you fancy. For extra freshness add in some cucumber and really get those mouths watering


Zucchini nachos 

Every BBQ needs something to pick at but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about vegetarian cocktail sausages. Try some Zucchini nachos instead. They are crispy like the real treat but made from veg and can be topped with tomatos, avocado, onions and various beans.

Find the recipe here



Now all you need is some sunny weather!


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