I want people to achieve optimum health

Vivienne Talsmat is London’s leading health and beauty guru, beloved by celebrities, royalty and sports personalities alike. She is the undisputed expert in age reversal and the mastermind of the transformative 28-day Detox Plan.

Tucked away in a discreet location in Central, Vivienne’s clinic is one of the best-kept secrets in town. Her devoted clientele travel from as far as the Middle East, United States and Australia for her customized nutrition, detox, weight loss and anti-ageing programs.

Vivienne’s holistic approach to health is the result of extensive study in the spheres of nutrition, kinesiology, NLP, herbalism and medical aesthetics. Since 1996, when she opened the doors to her first clinic, she has treated more than 40,000 clients and trained over 300 therapists.

Featured in

Discovery Health
Channel 4

Regularly called upon as the resident nutrition, health and detox expert on television, radio and magazines, Vivienne has long been providing life-changing advice on how to eat, look and feel better.

For the past 7 years, Vivienne has been developing a unique range of food products aimed at restoring and rejuvenating her clients on a deep cellular level, leading to Rejuva|Nutrition, a line of organic plant-based products, formulated with the optimal balance of macro and micro nutrients.

Rejuva|Detox : a blend of 17+ superfoods for detox and improved health and vitality.

Rejuva|Burn : a balanced mix to aid fat and weight loss while supporting exercise.

Rejuva|Sport : Energy boosting and muscle toning smoothie for Sportsmen and women

Warrior NRG : a mix for high intensity training, muscle building and recovery.


“I believe invisible threads connect us all. Until we want the best for others, we will not realise the best for ourselves.”

Vivienne’s mission is to continue contributing to a happier and healthier planet, where people live more joyful, fulfilled lives and thrive to reach their maximum human potential and contribute to the success and happiness of others.

Making a positive impact on everyone who crosses her path is Vivienne’s abiding joy. It is with this sense of purpose that she rises every morning at 6am for her dedicated yoga practice. Grounded, poised and open-hearted, Vivienne’s discipline and service to others have inspired clients to refer to her as the “quintessential warrior princess”.


What makes us different?

The Internet is heavily populated with companies selling supplementary health products and powders. Many of these products are white labels of the same formula created using low quality ingredients that are cheap to obtain causing adverse effects on the body whilst raising false claims of their efficacy that are not supported through proven results or scientific testing.

The entire range by Vivienne Talsmat is the antithesis of those companies. Ingredients are natural, of high quality, ethically sourced and perfectly balanced in concentration. The carefully construed formulations mean that results are guaranteed in a physical and mental sense. Vivienne has designed systems that promote physical and emotional detox in line with an increased calorie intake of wholesome and nourishing foods that are good for body and soul.

Weight loss, improved skin tone and boosted energy, vitality, increased positivity and confidence are just some of the benefits any one can expect to see when using the products. Vivienne’s extensive knowledge in the health, well being and lifestyle industry means she has perfected the art of constructing personal plans that are easy to follow for any client and ways of treating most health concerns in her daily practise. The products were initially made to compliment her clients but are now available for everyone who doesn’t live in London and have the ability to come for a private one to one consult.

Vivienne does not just design and create her products and systems, she embodies the essence of what they aim to achieve; vitality, youth and optimal health. Using products by Vivienne is a realisation in itself with many customers testifying that it has changed their lives and bodies for the better.